General Information: 2022 was declared as the “International Year of Basic Sciences for Development” at the 40th General Conference of UNESCO in order to raise global awareness of basic sciences considering the importance of ensuring sustainable development and improving the quality of life of all people in the world for the high value of humanity. In this context, a congress called “The Art of Understanding the Universe: Basic Sciences” will be organized between the dates of 10th-12th of October 2022 in Selcuk University (Konya/Turkey) in cooperation with the UNESCO Turkish National Commission and Turkish Academy of Science. 

Aims of the Event:  The general objectives of the event are 

  • to draw attention to the importance of basic sciences in International Development 
  • to raise awareness about UNESCO,
  • to draw attention to the UNESCO 2030 Sustainability Goals,
  • to address the relationship between basic sciences and applied sciences, 
  • to develop and reinforce the target group members’ self-confidence in scientific studies and scientific thinking, 
  • to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and individual creativity based on the achievements of target group members and
  • to forge and foster science diplomacy in the context of the basic sciences.

Target Group: The target group members of the event will be the undergraduate (120 students) and postgraduate students (20 students) of basic sciences, successful students studying in high schools (40 students), and teachers of basic sciences in high schools (2 teachers from each of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics branches, totally 8 teachers). Therefore, the total number of the target group members will be 188. The total number of the participants will be 228 with the Honorary Board, Science and Advisory Board, Organizing Committee and Invited Speakers. All of 228 registered members will be certificated and all abstracts registered by invited speakers and also target group members will be presented in congress’ abstract book which will be published in web site. 

The event will include oral presentations and implementation activities in the basis of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals based on 5Ps for sustainable development as Planet, People, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

Prof. Dr. Ülkü SAYIN

Chair of Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Yasemin ÖZTEKİN

Vice Chair of Organizing Committee

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Önder ALICI

Vice Chair of Organizing Committee